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Probate & Estate Administration

Estate administration has many elements that go into the process, but it can be made simple with the help of an attorney who is knowledgeable of Texas probate law. An experienced Houston probate attorney can help you through the estate administration and probate process, giving your family some peace of mind and minimizing the burden on you during a difficult time.

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Estate Litigation

Because there are a variety of people involved in settling an estate – including executors, trustees, interested parties, creditors, and beneficiaries – conflicts or disputes may arise at various points in the process. Any one of these people may have a legal dispute that ultimately leads to litigation, especially if there were expectations of receiving money or property that doesn’t materialize. You should always consult with an estate litigation attorney early in the process, both to avoid litigation if possible and to put you in a better position if your case goes to court.

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Guardianship proceedings can be a necessary means by which to protect a loved one that has become incapacitated, or when a minor child is involved. Given the gravity of the situation and the strict legal requirements, it is important to use an experienced guardianship lawyer to navigate the process involved with having a guardian appointed for a ward.

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Wills & Trusts

Passing down wealth strategically requires one or more legal documents. For families, the choice comes down to the most effective way to accomplish their individual goals. The crucial thing is to see a wills and trust attorney now to talk through your options.

Passing down your property is one of the most important parts of a comprehensive estate plan. Before you begin work on your estate plan, you should consult with an experienced attorney to consider your options. There are numerous directions you can take, each with its own pros and cons.

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Estate Planning

Your estate is your legacy. You have worked a lifetime to earn, save, and provide for others. You want to continue to sustain your family even when you are no longer here. In addition, you want to have a plan in place now that will allow for an orderly transition, both when you are no longer able to care for yourself and when you are no longer here. You should contact a Houston estate planning attorney today to begin the critical work of estate planning.

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